TV show

Mr. Bojidar Archinkov participated in the TV live talk-show “A matter of perspective” on NEWS7 TV station to comment on the contemporary issues related to anti-money laundering. The journalist Stoicho Kerev started with clarifying the status and experience Mr. Archinkov has in banking, compliance and anti-money laundering. The role of ACAMS was presented and the equal opportunity for everybody to attend the exams.
Normally for Bulgarian city-legends Stoicho Kerev started with some provocative questions like “How much money Bulgarian banking system is laundering per year?” and “Imagine I have EUR 10 million in dirty money! Please teach me how to launder it?”
Mr. Archinkov explained the devastating effects money brings to the society. Bulgaria suffers from money laundering. The society should be better equipped to combat money laundering during the privatization process, continuing corruption and economic crime. Mr. Archinkov works on publishing the first book in Bulgarian language explaining anti-money laundering.